About Company

For over 15 Years ROTH Specialities India Pvt. Ltd is a global provider of Laboratory Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals& Plants, Speciality Proprietary Blends, Industrial Enzymes, Industrial - Institutional Cleaners, Plastic - Polymer Additives & Metal Working Fluids.

We offers an extensive product portfolio, and smart solutions to a broad variety of industries in need of a raw material supplier. It reaches a diversity of sectors such as: Quality & Research Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics& Chemicals, Industrial Coatings, Inks, Polyester, Textiles, Adhesives, Food & Breweries, Sugar & Distilleries, Cosmetics & Detergents , Plastic &Polymers and among many others.

We are recognized as an innovative company which constantly renovates with the support of cutting edge technology. This is how our productive processes are strengthened. For over one &half decade together with our customers, we have been on the search for innovative chemical solutions.

Our employee’s continuously acquire specialist knowledge and use it to simplify your procedural management with tailor-made products. We base our growth on research, our personnel’s development and our deep Knowledge of our client’s business.

At Integrated Management Systems Roth Specialities India Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and GMP Certified Co.

The Quality concept has evolved and nowadays, quality is not only understood as an attribute of the product, but a feature which has to be present in everything done in the company. It is useless to have an excellent product, if delivery times and technical assistance are not adequate.

In Roth we work under these premises, injecting quality in our all services, from the development of a product designed to cover the real customer requirements, to our after sales assistance.

Our company is committed to principals such as those of: Social Responsibility, Integral Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Environmentally friendly Production, Respect for our community and generation of trust among the people we serve


We will increase the value of our company by Providing excellent service, Guaranteeing quality products, Innovative leadership, Nurturing a collective sprit of unity, Responsibility through ownership At ROTH Group, we are committed to customer satisfaction achieved by clearly understanding the customers’ needs and fulfilling those requirements through continual improvement of products, services, and the quality management system


We will surpass the expectations of our customers, our employees, the community and ROTH Group through world-class safety, innovation and operational excellence in the technology, production, sales and market development of specialty chemicals & technology.