(Innovative Biodegradable & Non-Toxic Single Product Chemistry)

TPCS (Total Protection for Cooling System)

Unique blend of Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor with Bio dispersant, Complete organic chemistry.

Corrosion Inhibitor

RCW-2011M Polymer, Phosphonate, Azole, Molybdate
RCW-3011A Polymer, Phosphonate, Silicate, Azole

These components of the above are stable to chlorine & bromine

Biocides Non-Oxidising

RTB-5530 Latest species with biofilm removal properties TTPS based
RIT- 1400 Mix of Isothiazolone ZZ
RBN-1500 Mix of Isothiazolone
RGW-1600 Glutaraldehyde / Isothiazolone based
RBK-4013 Glutaraldehyde / Quaternary ammonium based
RDC-1800 Dichlorophen (for closed circuits)
RPB-1900 Phosphonium based
RBNP-890 DBNPA based

Oxidising Biocides

RBBB-4013 Slow release bromine
RBCS-5013 Slow release bromine & chlorine
RSBS-6013 Sodium bromide Solution

Bio dispersant

RBD-9000 Used with biocides for biofilm penetration
R-GH-Biocide Complex formulation of Nano-Silver & Hydrogen peroxide solution